The Process

IntExt Six Steps to Success


The first meeting is to seek and understand our Clients’ needs and wants. We will learn the extent of the refurbishment, expectations, and the budget that we are to work within


Upon completion of gathering all the required information from the initial meeting; we take the information and review the finest way to approach the overall project. We will look at the present market value per square foot of your property and compare your building to similar surrounding properties. The motive for this is to make certain that we budget accordingly for the greatest design and return on investment.


Upon reviewing all information gathered from the discover and research stages, we than start working in creating a preliminary budget and adding value engineering along the means. 


Upon completion of the budget for the refurbishment, we meet with our Client to review and provide approval to proceed with the project.  We meet with the Designer to create a plan with the selected products that have been preferred by the Client. The Designer will produce the enchanted design by selecting suitable colours and finishing’s, which will be presented for final approval from the Board of Directors.


This stage of the process we create a mock-up with the selected materials and colours for the Board of Directors to view and begin organizing the build process.

  • Orientation and schedule review with the Board of Directors, Property Manager, Project Manager and Construction Manager.
  • Order necessary products and materials so that the project progresses according to the schedule (some materials may take up to 6 weeks for delivery; example carpet and doors)
  • WSIB and insurance certificate issued
  • Construction and safety orientation review; local hospital location, emergency numbers to call, and first aid station brought to site
  • Notice of Project posted in a visible location of the site (over $50,000.00)
  • Resident notice of commencement date along with expected timeframes for completion
  • Resident awareness of special needs, AODA concerns, suites with oxygen
  • Project commences